– Kylah

“Rainbow is a service based international organization for girls 11-20 that teaches leadership, public speaking and sisterhood.  I’ve met many life-long friends through this organization, not only in my city but all over Washington and Idaho.  Not to mention the beautiful dresses!  Overall, it gets girls ready for life using sisterhood, leadership and by creating a mentorship between the younger and older girls that is impossible to replicate.”

– Kara

“I belong to a youth organization for girls 11-20 called International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  Rainbow allows young women to grow their leadership skills and public speaking, as well as doing hands-on community service; to gain confidence and organizational skills that I would not otherwise have.  There are also many scholarship opportunities that being in Rainbow offers, as we promote the value of education.”

– Sophie

“I’m part of a youth service organization called Rainbow Girls.  We do lots of community service and we help teach girls about public speaking.  I know it’s helped me feel more confident with school presentations.  Also, we have fun events that really help us bond and get to know each other.”

– Jenna

“I belong to a youth organization called Rainbow, and joining was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Us girls learn all sorts of life skills like communication, leadership, public speaking and community service.  Some of my greatest friends are in Rainbow and I never would have met them without all the travel opportunities Rainbow has given me.  Any girl ages 11-20 can join and learn how to be an even better daughter, sister and woman.”

– Ky

“I am a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  It is a Masonic youth group which instills life changing abilities into young women.  They are capable to write a budget, lead a meeting, give back to their community, and much more.  This amazing organization is perfect for girls 11-20 who are just beginning the rest of their lives. ”

– May 

“I am a state officer in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, which is a non-profit group that helps girls develop leadership, communication, and public speaking.  Being involved in Rainbow has given me confidence in myself and my abilities to talk in front of others, helping me with things like school presentations.  Rainbow also has many opportunities for service hours and community outreach to help improve our cities and towns, while teaching responsibility.”

– Kira 

“Rainbow is a non-profit youth organization that gives girls opportunities to develop great life skills while they are young.  Managing group projects, public speaking, working with finances and performing community service are just some of the things that I have been a part of since joining.  I know when I applied to college, all of these experiences really helped me.  And even after college, Rainbow offers higher leadership opportunities that are not only great for building resumes, but also just for preparing me for life and giving the skills I have needed, to balance a busy schedule.”

– Katie

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a youth group for girls 11-20, that focuses on community service and leadership.  The girls help raise money for service organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Shriner’s Hospital, among many others.  While raising money for the service organizations, they learn life skills like public speaking, project managing, and communication.  During all of this, the girls have fun events and make life-long friends.  Would you like to hear about my Rainbow journey?

– Hannah

I’m in a youth organization for girls 11-20, called the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  Rainbow gives girls a safe place to grow and gain confidence, working on leadership, community service, and public speaking.  Rainbow was/is my lifeline and continues to make me happy, and most of my best and life-long friends are a part of this group.  Without this organization, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I believe any girl can join and blossom in leadership and confidence through their journey in the group.

– Katrina 

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a youth organization for girls ages 11-20.  We get to help a variety of charities, serve our community, learn values, and gain strength and confidence as young women, all while making life-long friends.