– Rozalynne

“I have been associated with IORG for 10 years as a parent, mother advisor and director of pledges. It has helped so much in providing a foundation of civility and morality to pass on to my daughter and to other young ladies. It has provided opportunities for public speaking, leadership, event planning, and time management that simply is not available to youth today. I honestly could not have asked for a better organization to help raise young ladies in these very trying times.”

– Kayela

“When I was eleven years old I was going through a great deal of personal turmoil. I was getting over the loss of a father, I had horrible self-esteem and I was doing poorly in school. I was so afraid to let anyone get close to me out of fear of being judged or not being accepted. When I joined rainbow it opened my eyes to life and all of its possibilities. It created a world where I could be myself and grow into a strong and empowered woman. Because of rainbow I went from a fourth grader who could barely read, to a second year veterinary student in the top 15th percentile of my class. Rainbow gives you the courage to discover what you want out of life and then gives you the tools to accomplish it.”

– Sarvy

“I am a part of a community service sorority called the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, which promotes mentorship among girls 11-20, leadership opportunities, as this organization is run by the girls, along with sisterhood.  Based on the positions I have had on a local and state level, I have learned to have better communication skills, to serve the community with greater purpose, and to become a more responsible person managing time with activities in and out of this organization.  I love this organization because it has given me skills I can use in the work force as well as compassion for others at school and with my family. ”

– Kristina

“Every experience we have influences our lives in some way. Over the years, I’ve been involved in many volunteer projects and each has helped shape my life. The International Oder of Rainbow for Girls is one of those projects. Rainbow teaches young women the importance of service, confidence and leadership and encourages its members to make service part of everyday life. Rainbow has instilled confidence and skills within me that I apply everyday and that aid in my success. Because of Rainbow, I’ve travelled to places I would have never gone, I’ve met inspiring people and created life-long friendships, and I’ve received scholarships for college because of my work with Rainbow. Rainbow has opened so many doors for my life.”

– Kailey

“I am in a Masonic youth organization called Rainbow.  Rainbow girls teaches us to be confident, gives us the ability to speak in front. Rainbow is a non-profit, service based organization for girls aged 11-20.  We learn valuable life skills, such as leadership, public speaking and how to communicate effectively, and we even offer scholarships!  Coming from a family of four brothers, Rainbow has given me the opportunity to get out of the house, and make life-long friends who are like sisters to me.”

– Victoria

“I joined Rainbow because my mom was in it and it looked like a fun social group that was something other than sports. But Rainbow has given me so much more. I now have the confidence to stand in front of crowds, and show them who I really am. Rainbow also taught me how to connect with people and what it means to really listen to those around me, and hear what they have to say, instead of just staying quite and waiting for my turn to speak.”

– Emily

“Rainbow is a service organization for girls ages 11-20 that teaches valuable life skills, such as public speaking, and helps develop leadership skills.  In addition to that, it helps prepare girls for their future by teaching us how to balance a budget and how to organize events. This organization is really great because not only are we learning these skills, we’re forming life-long friendships.  Rainbow I like my second family and personally I’m lucky to be in it.”

– Alexis 

”I am in a Masonic youth organization called Rainbow.  Rainbow girls teaches us to be confident, gives us the ability to speak in front of people, and also gives us a second family.  As a Grand Officer, I’ve learned how to be more confident in myself.  It gives young women between 11-20 years old, the confidence and support that they need. ”

– Leah

“When I first joined Rainbow I saw it as a great opportunity to make friends outside of school, as well as a group of people who I could look up to because they interact with public figures. But now as I reach my last few years in Rainbow, I have come to finally realize how much this organization has prepared me for life outside of school. Rainbow taught me not only how to interact with people, but how to be confident in any decisions I make in the future. Rainbow truly does get girls ready for life.”

– Cortney

“I’m in love with an organization called Rainbow.  As a member, you learn crucial skills and traits you will need later on in life.  Personally I’ve been a member for about 7 years now and can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the leadership, communication and organizational skills I learned.  In addition, my confidence and compassion have soared through the roof!  Rainbow gets girls ready for life and I’m a living example.”