GWA Announcements

2023-2024 Community Partner
Family Promise

2023-2024 Mascot
The Delightful Ducklings

2023-2024 Grand Year Theme
"Go Beyond Your Limits and Shoot for the Stars."

2023-2024 Motto
"Go Over the Moon with Service, Blast Off with Membership, Take a Leap with Leadership."

2023-2024 Food

2023-2024 Drink
Root Beer

2023-2024 Symbols
Rocket Ship and Moon Rock

2023-2024 Colors
Starry Silver, Rocket Ship Red, and Outer Space Orange

2023-2024 Flower

2023-2024 Bible Verse
"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."
-Philippians 4:13

2023-2024 Supreme Deputy
Supernova Supreme Deputy

2023-2024 Grand Deputies
Galactic Grand Deputies

2023-2024 Pages
Shooting Star Pages

2023-2024 Grand Cross of Color Team
Constellation Grand Cross of Color Team

2023-2024 Jurisdictional Representatives
Rocky Rocket Ship Representatives

2023-2024 Grand Choir
Colossal Comet Grand Choir

2023-2024 Pledges
Planetary Pledges


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