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Rainbow is a unique inclusive girl-run, philanthropic social organization, that is building the leaders of tomorrow. They are taught the skills needed to succeed, including communication, mentorship, confidence and self-esteem building, leadership, public speaking, project management, budget oversight, scholarship opportunities, and so much more.

So many things! While providing a safe space, we have FUN while performing community service, charitable fundraising, movie nights, themed meetings, scavenger hunts, sleepovers, camping (at one of our two camps), new member camps, leadership camps….really anything the girls want to plan!

The short answer is no, as we are a non-sectarian organization, requiring only a belief in a Supreme Being.  While some of our ceremonies use Christian scripture, Rainbow is open to young women of all faiths.  The Christian lessons are simply used to show basic values of love, kindness, and forgiveness, among other things.  We have members with very diverse religions backgrounds, such as Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, to name a few.

This is mainly tradition, and typically only worn for installations, initiation meetings, reception meetings, and Grand Assembly (our annual convention and then only worn by the state elected and appointed Grand Officers and/or other state appointments).

No, we are not associated with the LGBTQ+ community, but are inclusive and accepting regardless of sexual orientation.  When we were founded in 1922, it was named Rainbow, as a symbol of God’s promise.

As much as you want!  Many parents enjoy participating with their child(ren) and can attend any event they would like.  Each assembly has an Advisory Board of adults that will help drive and chaperon, as needed.

Each organization has a different way they show respect to their leaders.  We show it by bowing and saluting to respective leaders within Rainbow, but don’t expect our non-affiliated visitors to participate.

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