Leadership Weekend is a two-day retreat offered to our members between the ages of 14 and 17 to prepare them to become leaders in their local assemblies and on the state level. We change the way your daughter thinks about herself and those around her, empowering her to become a positive example and role model. While at the retreat, she’ll hear from motivational speakers, engage with other attendees in break-out sessions, and have the opportunity to reflect on what she’s learned and how she’ll apply it in real-life situations when she leaves the retreat.

This Grand Year, the Leadership Camp theme is “Anyone Can Lead!”

Join Grand Leadership Nicki W. and her friend Remy as she shares the skills and lessons that can help Washington/Idaho Rainbow “Cook Up Leaders”! 

Idaho/Eastside Camp: September 15th-17th. (Registration due September 12th)

Westside Camp: May 3rd-5th. (Registration Due May 3rd-5th)