Gods and Goddesses

Get ready to become Demi-gods and goddess for a Weekend at Camp Half-blood! At Dream Camp 2019 we will all adventure into the exciting world of Percy Jackson, an amazing book series that this years theme is based off of. As dream camp turns into the main setting of this series, Camp-Half Blood. Each district will be transformed into a camp cabin that shares a godly parent, a Greek god each district will be representing and will decorate their campsite as! This years dream camp will be an exciting adventure no one will forget.

Dream Camp 2018, Aug. 10th – 12th

Central WA: Demeter
Eastern WA: Hephaestus
Kitsap County: Zeus
Lake WA: Hermes
North Central: Poseidon
Olympic Peninsula: Aphrodite
Pierce County: Athena
Snake River/ South King County: Aries
Sno-King: Apollo
South-west WA: Hades

Dream Camp 2018, Aug. 10th – 12th

Dream Camp 2019, Aug. 

Entrance Fees 

Dream Camp Weekend:
Friday to Sunday: $15.00 each
(except for Pledges and others under 11 who are free).
Including all Park Life Members.