Space Camp 2020

Dream Camp 2020, Aug. 7th – 9th

Eastern Washington – Nasa Control Center

Central / North Central – Mars
Kitsap County – Sun
Lake Washington – Pluto
North West Washington – Saturn
Olympic Peninsula – Jupiter
Pierce County – Neptune
Snake River – Venus
Sno-King – Earth
South King – Moon
SouthWest Washington – Mercury

Dream Camp 2019, Aug. 10th – 12th

August 9, 2020

Cost for weekend per person (8/9 – 8/11): $15.00 each person. If arriving early, there will be additional costs to the Masonic Park for electricity, water, and wood, as needed. All reservations to stay at the Masonic Park for Dream Camp must be done through your District Grand Deputy.

If you are arriving before August 9th, and your reservation area is not available, you may camp in other available areas, but will be asked to move to reserved area on August 9th. If not connected with a District, contact Marjie Hall, Director of Dream Camp, at or 253-370-6891. Reminder: All cars are to be parked on the outside perimeter of your camping area facing out. Extra cars are to be parked in upper parking lot with encouragement for able bodied girls and adults to walk vs. driving around park area for safety and tranquility of the park.